Google Apps

The BSOE has created a connection to Google that allows us to offer Google Apps for all BSOE users.  Links to the various services are included below.  You should use your BSOE login name and password to access these applications.  If you have any problems using these applications, please open an ITRequest ticket.

Before you log in for the first time, you will need to use the Change Your Password page to reset your password.  You don't actually have to change your password, you just have to run through the password change procedure to set your Google password.

Please note that the BSOE tech staff does not have the ability to help you recover lost e-mail, appointments, documents or sites.  Use of these applications is at your own risk, and you assume all responsibility and liability for using them.

As of 06/01/2014, new BSOE accounts are not issued BSOE Google Apps Accounts by default.  We encourage people to use their campus Google Apps Account to avoid confusion around Google Drive and Google Calendars.