Supported Web Services

Web Services for Faculty and Staff

The Baskin School of Engineering hosts a wide variety of websites for different BSOE-related research projects, clubs, classes, and departments. Any faculty or staff member can request a website by completing the web site application form. A mostly-complete list of all the websites that are hosted at the BSOE is available.

Class Web Pages

The BSOE hosts class web pages for every class taught at the BSOE. Instructors and their designees can edit the class web page using Samba, SFTP or SSH. Some class web pages go back to 1996! Starting in Fall 2011, the BSOE began using a new class web page system which is documented here. If you need help editing your class web page, please e-mail

Personal Home Pages

BSOE faculty, staff, and students can create personal web pages on our web servers. For more information about how to create a personal web page, please read the BSOE personal web page instructions. PHP scripts can be run from your web home directory. Name the files with a ".php" extension, and PHP will execute them. Other CGI scripts can also be run from home directories.

WebDAV-enabled directories

WebDAV can be enabled for websites and project directories, allowing for file uploads and downloads. Web-only accounts can be created that allow non-BSOE users to access these directories. Send an e-mail to to have WebDAV enabled in your website or project directory.


The BSOE uses Drupal on many of its websites. Drupal is software that allows non-technical users to edit web pages. There are some helpful Drupal tutorials available to help you get started using Drupal.

Drupal 8 migration

Follow the Drupal 8 Migration and where we are moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 on the migration page.

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Request Tracker

The BSOE hosts a Request Tracker web site. This package is typically used to track work orders, bugs and so on through an e-mail and web-based interface. If you would like to use Request Tracker for your group, please e-mail


The BSOE hosts a subversion server for hosting source code and other project data. If you would like to request a Subversion repository, please e-mail


We host a Gallery installation for storing BSOE-related photo albums.

Google Apps

The BSOE also has activated several Google Apps for BSOE users to use.