Supported Web Services

Web Hosting for BSOE Faculty and Staff!

We provide a full set of hosting to BSOE Faculty and Staff. If you have web or hosting needs, please send a ticket to us and we'll get back to you. 

Send us a ticket to get web help or services


Supported Drupal Sites

We support full installations of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. We monitor security updates and keep your site secure. If you would like a drupal site please let us know.

Hosting other sites

We provide hosting for custom PHP sites, MySQL Databases, and other hosting services. Please request services below if you would like to find out more.

We're here to help

Email for help.

Personal Home Pages

BSOE faculty, staff, and students can create personal web pages on our web servers. For more information about how to create a personal web page, please read the BSOE personal web page instructions. PHP scripts can be run from your web home directory. Name the files with a ".php" extension, and PHP will execute them. Other CGI scripts can also be run from home directories.

Request Tracker

The BSOE hosts a Request Tracker web site. This package is typically used to track work orders, bugs and so on through an e-mail and web-based interface. If you would like to use Request Tracker for your group, please e-mail


The BSOE hosts a subversion server for hosting source code and other project data. If you would like to request a Subversion repository, please e-mail

Google Apps

The BSOE also has activated several Google Apps for BSOE users to use.

Class Web Pages

In the past the BSOE has hosted class web pages for every class taught at the BSOE. However much of this content was deprecated in 2018. Starting in Fall 2011, the BSOE began using a new class web page system which is documented here. If you need help editing your class web page, please e-mail