Supported Web Services

Web Hosting for Baskin Engineering!

We support the full set of central ITS web hosting options to the Baskin Engineering community. If you have web hosting needs, please submit a ticket.

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Supported WordPress Sites

Baskin Engineering's standardized platform for web site hosting is  the use of  UCSC's centralized WordPress services hosted by CampusPress.

Hosting other sites

We provide hosting for custom PHP sites and MySQL databases. Please request services below if you would like to find out more.

We're here to help

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Personal Home Pages

Baskin Engineering faculty and students can create personal web pages on local web servers. For more information about how to create a personal web page, please read the personal web page instructions. PHP scripts can be run from your web home directory. Other CGI scripts can also be run from web home directories.


Baskin Engineering IT hosts a subversion server for hosting source code and other project data. If you would like to request a Subversion repository, please e-mail


Course Web Pages

In the past, Baskin Engineering hosted course web pages for every course. However, much of this content was deprecated in 2018.

The division recommends that all Baskin Engineering course instructors utilize Canvas, the UCSC Learning Management system.