Laptop Support Policy

The Baskin Engineering Laptop Support policy is comprised of two main categories: supported and unsupported.

Supported Laptops Are:

  • All laptops that will accept the campus standard desktop services image - the SDS image is required on all supported laptops
  • Techstaff will support client configuration for IT services (eg. printers, EDURoam, Campus VPN, SSH/SFTP)
  • Techstaff will support all campus software on supported laptops (eg. CruzTime, FIS/Banner, InfoView)
  • Techstaff will send supported laptops in for hardware issues and encourage the purchase of a 3 to 4-year warranty

Unsupported Laptops Are:

  • Personal laptops (personal laptops not University-owned)
  • For unsupported laptops, we will provide network, DNS, and IDS scanning if they are used on campus networks

Additional Restrictions:

  • We do not support 3rd party software installed by the user, such as iTunes, social networking programs, email clients, etc (even on an otherwise supported laptop)
  • Techstaff will not supply home networking support