Accessing UNIX Software

UNIX users can access a number of commercial and open source software installations on any supported BSOE system, located in an NFS share that mounts at /bsoe/software.  This directory contains the files set-paths.csh and, which set a number of environment variables including the shell PATH so that the tools can be run without any additional effort.  The set-paths.csh file will work for C-shells  (csh/tcsh) and will prepare Bourne shells (sh/bash).


To load the environment variables, users should run "source /bsoe/software/" (or set-paths.csh for C-shells).  By adding this command to a shell login script, you can ensure that you will always be able to invoke the tools upon login.


Please feel free to suggest changes or additions to the set-paths scripts that would be helpful.  We also welcome requests to install additional software at /bsoe/software.