Baskin Engineering supports many popular software suites used for instruction and research.  The following list outlines some of the software available to BSOE computer users, though it is not necessarily all-inclusive:

Note that much of the aforementioned software packages are not available for local installation, but are installed on the Baskin Engineering UNIX servers which anyone with a BSOE account can use.

Baskin Engineering also has an academic licensing agreement which covers VMware software offerings.  If you are eligible to use these licenses then you can download and install it for free.  Each company offers their software via a web site:

  • VMware Academic Program
    Faculty, staff, and students associated with Baskin Engineering can download or check out media and receive a free license for many VMware products, including VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation.  These licenses are approved for both instructional and research use.  In order to gain access to this program, request access to the Baskin Engineering VMware Academic Licensing Program.