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Some extra items to be aware of when printing on SOE printers.

1. When printing big PDF files(On a Mac) and it over loads the memory buffer on the printer? Won't print? Print them as a image instead.

2. Make sure your SOE account or credentcials are up to date to connect to the print server.

To update your SOE credentials go to:, click on "Change Password”, than enter your current login and password, next you should be asked to enter a New password? Enter the SAME PASSWORD, it should come back with some light green messages saying it was up dated. Use a good password.

3. If you are on Win 10 Home Edition, make sure you include the printer in the line command after  starting 'Run' aka: \\\be2print

Also on Win 10 connected wireless to 'eduroam'. If you find it's not printing, than you will need to reastablish you wireless connection.

4. If you are on a MAC and you have installed a printer, than deleted and reinstalled the printer? Make sure to clear the entry in 'KeyChains'

5. And remember when asked for authentication,  Enter  "bsoe\[soe credentials]", and SOE password.