Supported vs Unsupported

BSOE users can choose to have their workstation(s) and server(s) be supported or unsupported.

Supported Machines

Supported machines are completely maintained by BSOE IT staff. Users will not have administrative access to supported machines. BSOE IT staff are responsible for performing all system maintenance, including software installation and updates. We do grant limited administrative access to users for specific purposes, such as rebooting Linux machines, installing software or performing systems updates. User home directories and projects disks are available on supported machines. Users will not have administrative ("sudo") access to supported machines, except for faculty owned machines, at the request of the owner, and only with limited scope (for example, the ability to reboot the server, or install/update software).

Unsupported Machines

Unsupported machines are completely supported by the system user(s). BSOE IT staff will not perform regular maintenance on unsupported machines. Users will have administrative access to their unsupported machines and are responsible for performing all maintenance and upgrades. Unsupported machines that are identified as having critical vulnerabilities may be disconnected from the network 7 days after BSOE IT staff notify the system owner of the vulnerability if those vulnerabilities have not been addressed. Unsupported machines that are showing active signs of exploitation may be summarily disconnected from the network at any time. User home directories and projects disks are generally not available on unsupported machines. 


BSOE IT staff will offer some general guidance to owners of unsupported systems. Under normal circumstances, BSOE IT staff will not intervene on the system owner's behalf. However, if the system owner requests it, the BSOE IT staff can work on unsupported machines for a recharge fee of $103 per hour (as of 2020/2021; fee subject to change in future years).