Gitlab is now available to active students and faculty at UCSC:


Git on BSOE Servers:

The BSOE has installed Git on all its Linux servers. You can create a Git repository in either your home directory or a projects disk. For the purposes of this example, we'll be using a projects disk called foo, which will be owned by the group foo, and our project will be called project.

Initializing Your Repository

To create a new repository, log into one of the BSOE Linux servers via SSH and use the following commands:

mkdir /projects/foo/git
cd /projects/foo/git
mkdir project
chgrp foo project
chmod o+rwx,g+rwxs,o-rwx project
cd project
git init --shared=group --bare

Once that is done, you can commit code to the repository from your workstation or laptop using a command such as:

git clone project-working
cd project-working
git add README
git commit -am 'Intial Import'
git push origin master

Allowing Other Members To Access Your Repository

If you would like to allow other members to access your repository, you will need to add them to the group you created for this project. To share your repository with people who do not have a BSOE account, you can create a guest account for them.