Who Gets BSOE Accounts?

  • Faculty, staff and graduate students affiliated with BSOE.
  • Undergrads taking a senior-thesis, independent-study, or graduate level BSOE class. Undergrads must be registered for the quarter and enrolled in one of the these classes.
  • Post-doctorate and visiting lecturers affiliated with BSOE.
  • Guests working with a SOE faculty or staff requiring facilities only available on BSOE machines.

How Do I Apply for a BSOE Account?

  • To create a new BSOE account, please complete the on-line account form.  Accounts are approved electronically by your account sponsor, who is usually you faculty adviser or a BSOE staff member.
  • If you need sudo or Windows administrator access to a computer or server, you will also need to fill out an Administrative Access Request Form.

How Long Do BSOE Accounts Last?

  • Faculty accounts must be renwed every 10 years.  Staff accounts must be renewed every 5 years.  All other accounts are renewed by the account sponsor annually.
  • All users will be given at least two weeks prior notice via e-mail of account closure.

Which Machines Are Accounts Given On?

  • All users, except alumni, get access to the BSOE Linux servers as well as BSOE workstations in labs and offices.

Where can I edit my directory information, set my shell, sponsor accounts, etc?