Who Gets BSOE Accounts?

  • Faculty, staff and graduate students affiliated with SOE.
  • Undergrads taking a senior-thesis, independent-study, or graduate level SOE class. Undergrads must be registered for the quarter and enrolled in one of the these classes.
  • Post-doctorate and visiting lecturers affiliated with SOE.
  • Guests working with a SOE faculty or staff requiring facilities only available on SOE machines.

How Do I Apply for a BSOE Account?

  • To create a new BSOE account, please complete the new account form, print it, and return to the BSOE Help Desk, Baskin Engineering, Room 311. After hours forms can be slipped under the door for processing on the next business day.
  • If you need sudo or Windows administrator access to a computer or server, you will also need to fill out an Administrative Access Request Form.

How Long Do BSOE Accounts Last?

  • Faculty, staff, post-doctorate, guests and graduate accounts are closed when their affiliation with the school ends.
  • Undergraduate accounts are closed at the end of the current quarter. If work is to continue the account may be renewed.
  • All users will be given at least two weeks prior notice via e-mail of account closers.

Which Machines Are Accounts Given On?

  • Faculty, grads, visiting lecturers and post-doctorates get accounts on the following compute servers: craigsdance, stardance, waterdance, firedance, swingdance, apache
  • Faculty, grads, visiting lecturers and post-doctorates get accounts on the following interactive servers: riverdance, moondance, sundance
  • Graduates also have access to workstations in graduate labs.
  • Undergrads get accounts on machines having the facilities needed. Access requires a faculty sponsor signature.

Where can I edit my directory information, set my shell, sponsor accounts, etc?