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Request Tracker

The Request Tracker (RT) system is the preferred way to request help:

BSOE Help Desk

The BSOE Help Desk is the main help desk for all BSOE ITS service requests.

  • Location: Baskin Engineering, Room 314
    Winter 2017 Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9AM - 3PM
    Phone: 502-7536

Please avoid contacting individual BSOE IT Staff members directly unless you are already working with them.

UCSC and BSOE Computer Usage Policies

All BSOE computer users need to be familiar with the computer usage policies of UCSC and BSOE. Failure to follow policies can result in termination of computing access, financial penalties and in some extreme cases dismissal from the University. Ignorance or failure to understand usage policies may not be accepted as an excuse. Please ensure you read, understand and follow the policies listed. If you do not understand the policies, please contact the BSOE help desk for direction to someone that may assist.