Network Infrastructure

  • The BSOE network ( and domains) supports more than 650 funded network connections
  • Switched 100Mbs service to the desktop
  • Selected hosts provided 1Gbs access
  • BSOE maintains a 10 gigabit uplink to the network

Important IP addresses for self-maintained machines

For those who maintain their own systems and are not using DHCP, the following are the magic IP addresses for the various networks in the SOE.

DNS Servers

We recommend using this as a resolv.conf file:


Default Routers and Subnet Masks

Depending on the network you are on, the following are the correct default routers for that network. You must also correctly set the subnet mask. If you do not see an entry for the network you are on, we do not support that network and you should contact the provider of that network.

Subnet RangeSubnet MaskDefault RouterComment - Primary SOE Net - SOE Instructional Net - SOE Research Net