Server Hosting

The BSOE maintans a data center that is available to faculty and staff for server hosting. The fee for hosting a server in this room is $30 per RU per year, to offset the cost of maintaining the UPS and other server room gear. The room is covered by an industrial UPS and a back-up generator. However, cooling is tied to the campus chilled-water loop and therefore subject to outages when campus power outages exist. If an outage occurs during business hours, BSOE IT staff will install temporary cooling to keep the room operational during a power outage. Outside of business hours, supplemental cooling is not available and therefore machines should be configured to shut themselves down when the room temperature exceeds 90 degrees. The BSOE IT staff can provide scripts to enable that on your servers upon request.

The following limitations exist:

  1. Rack space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Only standard 19" rack mount servers are acceptable. Servers must include their own rails or shelves. If a shelf is necessary, the amount of RU it consumes will be counted against the faculty limit. Desktop or tower chassis are not permitted in the server room.
  3. Dual power supplies are strongly encouraged. Servers without dual power supplies are subject to being shut down during power maintenance.
  4. We recommend you installĀ remote management cards in all your servers so that you don't have to visit the server room to perform most server maintenance.

To request that a server be installed into the BSOE server room, please e-mail