VM Server Request

Please Note: In addition to VMs hosted at the BSOE, Amazon Web Service's EC2 service also has a free tier that allows you to run VMs for free in their cloud service for up to one year. AWS also provide cloud databases, file storage and more as part of their free tier. AWS is a good choice for projects that are expected to wrap up within 12 months, or projects that are expected to have some level of funding available to them. In addition to the free tier, the AWS Educate program provides a $100 credit for students and a $200 credit for faculty using AWS for instruction. There is a UCSC ITS page that explains the program in some detail.

The Baskin School of Engineering hosts virtual machines for different BSOE-related research projects, clubs, classes and departments. Any faculty or staff member can request a virtual machine by completing this VM application form.

Virtual machines are given 2x2 processor cores, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of disk storage. If you need more storage, a projects disk should be used.

By completing this form, the sponsoring staff or faculty member is agreeing to abide by the UCSC campus policies concerning computing available at the following URLs:

The sponsoring staff or faculty member agrees that they are ultimately responsible for the virtual server, and agrees to be fully accountable to that effect. If the sponsoring staff or faculty member leaves the university at any time, a new sponsoring staff or faculty member must adopt the host, or it will be removed.