VM Server Request

Information Technology Services (ITS) hosts virtual machines (VMs) in support of academics and instruction.

Usage Guidelines

In order to comply with VMWare's licensing, VMs are considered non-production, ie capable of taking a 1-2 day outage. 

VMs are not intended for the following functions:

  • This service should not be used for web hosting. A variety of campus web hosting services are far more appropriate for hosting web content.
  • This cluster in not outfitted with GPUS, and therefore cannot be used for GPU data analysis.
  • While campus networks are partitioned out by subnet, this service exists on the same core routers and switches that provide service to many other ITS applications.  Please avoid any network analysis such as port scanning that could potentially set off security alerts.
  • Instructional tools: learning management, digital asset management, git repositories, etc.
  • This service is not intended to produce analogues to campus-wide services that already exist. Whenever it is at all possible it is always preferable to standardize on fully supported services like Canvas, GitLab, WordPress, etc rather than build one-off custom solutions.


Virtual machines are self-supported. All updates, operation, maintenance and configuration tasks are to be completed by the virtual machine owner. IT Security monitors these systems regularly ensuring they are kept up to date.

Data Security

This service is appropriate for P1 - P2 data only. This service is not appropriate for P3 - P4 data.

Operating Systems

Supported virtual machine operating systems are limited to CentOs and AlmaLinux.


This service is centrally funded by Information Technology Services (ITS) and virtual machines are provided at no cost.


This service does not include backups. If backups are required, users are responsible for the identification and implementation of a backup strategy for their own systems and data. Several cloud and SaaS offerings exist.  Basking Engineering IT can provide guidance on options.


Faculty are eligible to request a virtual machine.  Faculty may request/sponsor a VM for a graduate student, post-doc, research, etc.


VM's will be configured with the following technical specs:

  • 2x2 processor cores
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 500 GB of disk storage

By completing this form, the sponsoring faculty member is agreeing to abide by the UCSC campus policies:

The sponsoring faculty member agrees that they are ultimately responsible for the virtual server, and agrees to be fully accountable to that effect. If the sponsoring staff or faculty member leaves the university at any time, a new sponsoring staff or faculty member must adopt the host, or it will be removed.

VM Server Request
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Graduate students: enter the email address of your faculty sponsor
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Enter the host name that you would like to use for your new VM. Host names may contain only letters, numbers and dashes, must start with a letter, and may not end in a dash.
Note: Ubuntu may be available in to future.
Please describe what you will use this VM for (identify specific technology, software, etc).  Please note: VMs are not intended to be used as web servers.  Web site requests are available at: https://support.soe.ucsc.edu/web/request)
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