Linux Servers

BSOE users can connect to the following Linux servers using their BSOE credentials:

  • (CentOS 7.9) Open to connection outside of UCSC IP space
  • (CentOS 7.9) Open to connection outside of UCSC IP space
  • (CentOS 7.9)
  • (CentOS 7.9)
  • (CentOS 7.9) Multi GPU (2 - 2500 core Tesla K20C cards) server using CUDA software
  • (CentOS 7.9) GPU (1 - 4600 core Titan RTX card) server using CUDA software
  • (CentOS 7.9)
  • (CentOS 7.9)
  • (CentOS 7.9)
  • (Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS)

To connect to our Linux servers, you must have an SSH client installed on your computer.

*** Please Note ***

From outside of UCSC IP space the only servers open for ssh connections are and All other servers in the above listing are only open to connection from USCS IP space and eduroam IP space. You may wish to make use of the UCSC VPN service.

For Windows users, we recommend PuTTY. Macintosh and Linux users can open a Terminal window and type ssh to connect (replacing login with your BSOE login name, and with one of the servers listed above).

Compute Cluster

The Hummingbird Cluster is a campus-wide resource. Please see the Hummingbird Cluster web site for more information.

Alumni Server

Alumni users have access to connect to the Alumni server: