Migrating Google Calendar


UCSC Google Calendar is the preferred calendar for UCSC users. Please do not use the BSOE Google Calendar. Follow the instructions below to export your BSOE Google Calendar content, if you have any, and then import it into your UCSC Google Calendar.

Export From Your BSOE Google Calendar

  1. Log in to your BSOE Google Calendar.
  2. In the calendar list on the left side of the page choose the main calendar and click the drop down arrow and select "Calendar Settings"

  3. In the settings window select the ICAL button in the "Private Address" section and a pop up window will appear with a URL. Click on the URL and a file called basic.ics will be downloaded to the default downloads location on your computer.

Import To Your UCSC Google Calendar

    1. Log in to your UCSC Google Calendar.
    2. On the left side of the window click the drop down menu next to "My Calendars" and then click "Settings".

    3. In the settings window click on "Import Calendars" and in the pop up window make sure that your primary calendar is selected then click the "Choose file" button and upload the basic.ics file you had saved earlier from the BSOE calendar export process.

The import will either be successful, listing all of the events imported or it may error with the message:

import error

If this happens you will need to open the basic.ics file in a text editor (like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Macintosh) and do a find and replace all action for the following:

      1. Open the basic.ics in a text editor (Text Edit for the mac or Note Pad for Windows)
      2. Run the find and replace all command to find "UID:" and replace all instances with "UID:1"
      3. Save the basic.ics file and try the import process again.

For any help with the migration process please submit an IT Request ticket.