Migrating Google Contacts

Migrating your Google contacts is a two step process; you need to first export your soe.ucsc.edu Google account contacts to a CSV file and then you can import that CSV file into your ucsc.edu Google account.

To begin, log into your BSOE Google account.  Near the top left part of the page, click the word "Mail" to open a drop down menu and then select "Contacts" from the list to load your contacts page.



Click the "More" button to open a drop down menu and select Export.




In the menu that opens, you can choose which contacts to move.  If you'd like to move everything, make sure to select the "All contacts" radio button.



When you click "Export" it will download a google.csv file.  This file contains your contacts and is ready to be imported into your UCSC Google account.  Log in to your UCSC Google account and navigate back to your contacts list, click the "More" button to open a drop down menu, and select "Import".



It will ask you to choose a CSV file to upload.  Use the "Choose file" button to select the google.csv file you downloaded earlier and click "Import" to finish importing your contacts.  That's it, you're done!