Recovering Lost Content

This lesson will teach you how to find a web page that has gone missing from the web site menu on a Drupal website hosted at the Baskin School of Engineering.

This lesson assumes that you have logged in to your Drupal site.

Sometimes when you're editing a web page you might forget to check the Provide a Menu Link checkbox. When that happens, it's sometimes difficult to find the content you've just created. When this happens to you, do not create a new copy of your web page. Instead, in the menu on the left you should see an Administration link. When you click that, a sub-menu appears, and the first option in that sub-menu should be Content. That screen will include a list of every page on the web site, with links to view and edit each one. The most recently updated content is listed at the top of the table by default. Click the Edit link for the page that is missing a menu link, and then scroll down and check the Provide a Menu Link checkbox. Select the appropriate parent item, and then click Save at the bottom.