Adding an Image

This lesson will teach you how to embed an image or photo on a web page on a Drupal website hosted at the Baskin School of Engineering.

This lesson assumes that you have logged in to your Drupal site.

Please note that this feature is not enabled on all BSOE web sites. If you would like to enable this feature on your web site, please send an e-mail to with the web site URL on which you want to enable the feature.

While you can use the File Attachments tool to embed an image or a photo into a BSOE Drupal web page, that method is combersome and requires that the image be re-sized prior to uploading. It also requires that you manually embed the image into the web page. If you want to upload a single image and have it displayed at the top-right corner of a web page, you can use the Image or Photo tool.

Browse to the web page you want to embed an image or photo into and click the Edit tab. Scroll down and look for a fieldset labeled Photo or Image. Click the Choose File button and select the image from your computer's hard drive. Click the Upload button, and then Save your changes. The image should be automatically re-sized and placed into the top-right corner of your web page for you.