Using SSH and Git to access website files

BSOE ITS now provides users with hosted web space that they can access through ssh or git. If you are unsure if your website has these features, please email: with your web domain address and we'll let you know what your options are.

To access our web servers you must connect in one of the following ways:

1) Through campus ethernet
2) Through eduroam
3) You may ssh into a BSOE "dance" server and then ssh from there to your site.

Using ssh

To ssh to your site, your sub-domain is also your username.
So for: the command to ssh in would be:


SSH connections are provided for those here on campus using campus ethernet. If you cannot connect, it is likely that you are not connecting through campus. A workaround for this is to login from your BSOE unix space. For example:


To use git:

Git is installed on our servers, and you can use it on your site if you add your key. You will need to install git on the machine you're working on. Downloads can be found here:

To add your key:

1) Create a private and public key - instructions:

2) Put your public key onto your site:

  • ssh into your site with the instructions above
  • navigate to your .ssh directory 
    • cd ~/.ssh
  • make an authorized_keys file
    • vi authorized_keys
  • paste your PUBLIC key into the file
  • test by pulling your site (on your local computer) 
    • git clone ssh:// examplesite