Using Pharos

Make Sure You're On A UCSC Network

You must be connected to a wired UCSC Ethernet port, or using the EDUROAM wireless network. To print from another location, you will need to connect to the UCSC Campus VPN first.

Print To The Pharos Print Driver

Make sure you have already followed the Pharos installation instructions before proceeding.

You will only have one Pharos printer installed, which will be called Ricoh_Secure_Printing. Printing to that virtual printer will queue your print job in the Pharos server, where it will wait for up to 48 hours before being purged. You must pick up your print jobs from a Pharos printer within 48 hours of printing. If you do not pick up your job before it is purged, you will have to re-print it.

Make Sure The Printer Is Turned On

If the touch screen is not illuminated, press the power button one time and wait for the device to warm up before proceeding. Most Pharos machines have an integrated touch screen, but some older models have detached touch screens that may be sitting on an adjacent counter or shelf.

Log In To The Printer

Pharos printers require that you authenticate with your CruzID and last four digits of your employee ID (for staff and faculty) or student ID (for students).

Select An Account

Select the BSOE Official Business account if you are printing documents related to your work at the BSOE. If you are printing personal documents, including homework assignments, use your student account instead.

Select Which Documents To Print

You can select individual documents to print, or you can tap the Print All button to print them all.

Log Out

Make sure you log out when you are done to ensure that nobody else prints or makes copies using your available balance.