MATLAB Self-Serve Installation

Users can install MATLAB themselves using the following instructions.  These steps assume you have administrator rights on your system.  If you do not have local administrator rights you will not be able to install MATLAB.  If you are on a supported BSOE computer and do not have administrator rights, you should request help with the installation through the IT Request ticketing system.

  1. In a web browser, connect to and log in with your CruzID Blue credentials
  2. If you are not able to access that location, you may need to update your UCSC Directory information and set your division or add an additional division as "Baskin School of Engineering"
  3. If your account does not appear in the UCSC Directory then you may have a Non-Release of Information flag on it or you may also have chosen not to publish your information to the campus directory.  If you have an NRI flag or you have elected not to publish your information to the directory then currently you will not be able to access the download site.  You can remove the NRI flag and publish your information by following the instructions in this document.
  4. Navigate to the directory for the version of MATLAB that you would like to install (e.g. r2016b)
  5. You will see a set of files including license.dat, file-installation-key.txt and some compressed archives containing the installation files for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  6. Download the zip or tar archive for your operating system
  7. Decompress the archive you downloaded and navigate to the directory that is unpacked
  8. Run the installer for your platform; the Windows installer is setup.exe, the MacOS installer is InstallForMacOSX, and the Linux installer is the script named install
  9. Choose "Install without internet" and enter the file installation key from file-installation-key.txt when prompted, then select the license.dat file when prompted
  10. When installation has completed you can freely delete the installation files that you downloaded

Please note that if you are not on the BSOE network, either because you are off campus or in another part of campus, you will also need to connect to the UCSC VPN service before you will be able to check out a license and run MATLAB.