Adobe Acrobat License Request

Please use this form to request a "Named User" license for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Please note that this form is for BSOE users only. If you belong to another division, please consult your local IT support staff for assistance in getting Acrobat licenses.

The cost of licenses for BSOE administrative staff (including student workers) and faculty is covered by the BSOE. The cost of licenses for non-student-worker undergraduates, graduates, lecturers, researchers (including research support staff) is not covered by the BSOE and will need to be charged to those user's FOAPALs directly. The cost of each license is $8.75 per user per year as of 03/2017.

Please select which type of user you are. Please note that research support staff are considered researchers for the purposes of this form.

As you are not covered by the BSOE licensing program, you will need to purchase your own Acrobat license(s).

If you are a research group or other entity not covered by the BSOE licensing program, and you have a FOAPAL to charge the license to, please visit the following URL to make the purchase:

If you are a student or a faculty that is not covered by the BSOE licensing program (such as a lecturer), you can purchase a personal copy of Acrobat (and other Adobe products) at a discounted educational rate at the follwing URL:

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