Request an Open Port

To request an open port on one of your machines, please complete this form.  An e-mail with your request will be sent to the IT staff and you will be notified when your port has been added.

Server Information
Enter the room number where this machine will live.
Look on the wall jack where you will be connecting your server for the port number.  It should be someting like: 123A-D1
The name of the faculty or staff member who is the Principal Investigator that owns the machine being used as a server.
The e-mail address of the PI who owns this machine.
Enter the host name or IP address of your server.
Enter the TCP port numbers that your machine will be listening on.
Please enter a brief description of the service(s) that you will be providing on this server.
1 + 4 =
Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. E.g. for 1+3, enter 4.