Migrate Mail from BSOE to UCSC Account

BSOE faculty and staff have been mandated to make their UCSC email address their primary address. BSOE email addresses will not go away but they should be configured to forward mail to an individual's UCSC address. The following steps will set up mail forwarding from your BSOE address to your UCSC address, and also copy your mail to your UCSC address, complete with all message headers and labels. Be aware that if you have reused the same message labels in both you will need to change one of them in order for them to remain separate.


  1. sign into Gmail with your BSOE G Suite account
  2. navigate to settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. check "Enable POP for all mail"
  4. click "Add a forwarding address" and add your UCSC address
  5. provide the confirmation code emailed to UCSC address and choose to "Forward a copy of incoming mail" to your UCSC address
  6. save changes
  7. sign into Gmail with your UCSC G Suite account
  8. navigate to settings > Accounts
  9. under the heading "Check mail from other accounts" click "Add a mail account"
  10. a new window will open and ask you for your email address; provide your BSOE one and click Next
  11. your user name should be your full BSOE email address, your password is your BSOE password
  12. click "Add Account" once your credentials and options are selected

Once you've completed these steps, your UCSC account will act as a POP client for your BSOE account and will retrieve all of the mail, complete with labels. After all of your mail has been transferred you can remove the BSOE account's POP configuration:

  1. sign into Gmail with your UCSC G suite account
  2. navigate to settings > Accounts
  3. under the heading "Check mail from other accounts" you should see the BSOE configuration - click the "delete" link to the right of it
  4. save changes

If you wish to be able to continue sending mail from your BSOE address after the switch please consult Google's instructions for creating a sending alias.

If you have any questions or issues related to G Suite services please email help@soe.ucsc.edu for assistance.