FAQs - Ticketing Systems

Why are you making this change?

BSOE IT has 2 ticketing systems, one just for BSOE and one for central - this is confusing for users and creates extra work for BSOE IT (we explain this a lot).

IT uses ServiceNow (The IT central ticketing) to determine the volume of work and allocate resources (although we have made it clear that this is currently inaccurate).


How is the new system different than the old system?

Currently, most BSOE faculty and staff know to send an email to: help@soe.ucsc.edu or webmaster@soe.ucsc.edu to get help from us. This opens a ticket in the BSOE specific ticketing system (RT). Staff and faculty tend to prefer this to going through central IT because our staff are more responsive (it doesn't have to go through the help desk to get to us).

help@soe.ucsc.edu or webmaster@soe.ucsc.edu will do a similar thing as now - it will open a ticket, assign it to BSOE and email our whole staff immediately. This means tickets come to us directly without waiting still, but we are only having to check one system, and we are getting better metrics for main IT to review.


I have a ticket open in the old system what will happen to it?

Your ticket will still be there - we're not turning RT off, we're just creating new tickets in the new system.


I use RT for other things like BELS, Facilities, etc. What will happen to that?

Other RT queues will not be affected. 


When will this happen?

We're making this change on April 6th - time TBD.