Drupal Hosting

What is this service?

The Campus Drupal Service is an attempt to provide a bare-bones Drupal server to UCSC staff and faculty to enable them to build Drupal web sites for campus clients. Web sites are hosted on the BSOE web server, which is hosted in a secure data center and backed up each day. Web site software will be maintained and upgraded automatically. Web sites are initially given an soe.ucsc.edu host name (example: foo.soe.ucsc.edu), but can obtain a campus-level host name (example: foo.ucsc.edu) once the site is up and running.

What isn't this service?

The Campus Drupal Service is NOT a web site creation, editing or maintenance service. We do not build the web site for you. Instead, we give you an empty Drupal site and we give you the tools to update your own content, activate and deactivate your own modules, choose your theme from a list of pre-installed Drupal themes, and so on.

How do I get help?

You can e-mail webmaster@soe.ucsc.edu for assistance with your Campus Drupal Service web site. The Drupal service is NOT supported by any central ITS group, and all service requests should go to the BSOE webmaster.

What is the cost?

This service is currently provided free of charge to all staff and faculty. Web sites that are particularly large, that receive a very large amount of traffic or that require a large amount of support may have to find alternate hosting solutions.

How do I request a site?

To request a site, please complete the web site hosting request form.

How does ITS deliver this service?

This service is provided by the techstaff at the Baskin School of Engineering, and is hosted by a BSOE server in one of the BSOE data centers.

How does ITS support this service?

This service is supported on an as-available basis by the BSOE techstaff. No guarantee of up-time is made, and no guarantee on technical support response time is made.

Who is the system owner?

This system is owned by the Baskin School of Engineering techstaff.

Which systems is this service dependent on, and which systems are dependent on this service?

This service is dependant on the BSOE DNS service, the BSOE power grid and the BSOE TCP/IP network. No other services are known to be dependant on this service.