Copiers & Scanners

This information is in regard to the copier/scanner located outside BE 343B.

How to Send a Scanned PDF File to Yourself

  • Insert your copy card into the Xerox box
  • Select the 'Send' tab
  • Hit the 'Address Book' button
  • Hit the 'Register' button (the picture with paper and a pencil)
  • Hit the 'Register Address' button
  • Hit the 'Register New Address' button
  • Hit the 'Email' button
  • Hit the 'Name' button, type in your name, and hit 'OK'
  • Hit the 'Email' button, type in your email, and hit 'OK'
  • Hit 'OK'
  • Hit 'Done'
  • Hit 'Done'
  • Hit 'OK'
  • Hit 'Address Book', select your name/email address, and hit 'OK'
  • Put the paper you want to scan in the copier, and hit 'OK'
  • Repeat last step until you finish scanning all the papers in your document
  • When done, hit 'End' on the Xerox box, and take your card