Connecting to the Accounts Website


Here are two ways to connect to the website:


Using the VPN:


1. Connect to the campus VPN. Please use this link to help set it up:


2. Open


Connecting from Eduroam Campus WiFi:


1. Connect to the eduroam network:

There are many places on campus that have access to the eduroam network (Jack Baskin, McHenry, classrooms, etc). If you are having trouble, please visit this link:


2. Open


Common Questions:


"I'm on campus wifi but I can't connect":

The accounts page can only be accessed using eduroam network.


"I don't have access to the eduroam network right now":

If you are using ResWiFi, you can connect to the accounts page using the campus VPN. Refer to the Using the VPN section above.


"I connected to the VPN but the website still redirects me to wrong website":

After connecting to the VPN, if the site is still redirecting you, try opening it up in an incognito or private window instead.


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