Configuring Thunderbird Directory Services (LDAP)

Open Thunderbird Preferences (located in the 3-line "hamburger icon" menu, or Thunderbird menu on macOS), select the Composition item, and then the Addressing tab.  Under "Address Autocompletion" check the "Directory Server" field and then click the "Edit Directories..." button.  Add a new LDAP directory server in the window that comes up using the following values:

Name: BSOE
Host Name:
Base DN: ou=People,dc=soe,dc=ucsc,dc=edu
Port Number: 636
Bind DN: uid=username,ou=People,dc=soe,dc=ucsc,dc=edu
Use Secure Connection (SSL): Checked

Be sure to replace username with your actual BSOE user name.

Then click the "Advanced" tab and change the search filter to:


Click Ok on all the opened windows.