BSOE Printing on Macintosh (Not Joined To AD Domain)

Open System Preferences in the dock


Select the "Printers & Scanners" menu item

Click on the plus button to add a print queue

Right-click or two finger tap (if you have a trackpad) in the space left of the search bar in the "Add" window, then select "Customize Toolbar".  Drag the "Advanced" menu item to the toolbar.  Click "Done".


Click on the Advanced menu item and wait for it to finish searching for printers.  Next, add a printer with the following settings, where QUEUE is the name of the printer you are adding (e.g. ink):

Type: Windows printer via spoolss

Device: Another Device

URL: smb://


Use: Generic PostScript Printer


Click "Add" and at the next prompt check the "Duplex Printing Unit" check box, then click "OK".

The printer should now be in your list in "Printers & Scanners".  Try printing to it and you should receive a prompt for credentials. Enter your BSOE user name and password and check the checkbox to "Remember this password in my keychain" so you don't have to authenticate each time you print.

Verify that your print job was successful, if so you're all set and can repeat this process for each printer you'd like to add.