Pharos Printing

Pharos is the preferred printing system for computers that are not joined to the BSOE domain. All BSOE staff, faculty and graduate employees (TAs, GSRs or student workers) have Pharos accounts available that they can use for official BSOE business. Undergraduate and Graduate Students can charge print jobs to their student account. The students need to set up their own account in the Pharos Printing System. Going forward, the BSOE will be transitioning to using Pharos exclusively, phasing out all other supported small printers. If you are setting up a new computer, we recommend using Pharos as your default printer.

Pharos allows you to have a single print driver installed on your computer while enabling you to print to any of dozens of Pharos printers installed throughout campus without installing additional drivers. Pharos holds your print job until you walk up to a printer so that nobody else snatches your document, keeping your documents secure. More information about why we think Pharos is the correct choice for our printing needs can be found on our Pharos Reasoning page.

Once you print to Pharos, you can walk up to any Pharos device anywhere on campus and log in with your CruzID and the last four digits of your employee ID number or student ID number. Once logged in, you can print your jobs (as well as make copies or scan documents).

Traditional BSOE Printers

BSOE Printers will be phased out of service by July 1, 2019.  Users are advised to migrate to the Pharos system.

The information below applies to traditional BSOE printers, not the Pharos system mentioned above. Your computer must be joined to the BSOE domain via a support wired network connection (that is, owned by the university and supported by the BSOE IT staff).

If you wish to connect to an unsupported printer via wireless (EDUROAM), please e-mail for assistance.