MySQL Database Server

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If you need a MySQL database for your research or project, the BSOE hosts a shared MySQL database server that is backed up nightly.  As a rule of thumb, we allow databases on this shared server up to 20GB, a maximum of 5,000 queries per hour, and a maximum of 10 concurrent database connections.

These MySQL databases may be used for senior projects, instructional projects, graduate projects or general research efforts.

If you would like to request a MySQL database for your research or project, please submit a request using this web form. Upon approval of the sponsoring faculty or staff member, MySQL connection information will be e-mailed to you.

Our MySQL server is backed up nightly and databases can be restored from those backups.  Generally, 5 days worth of MySQL backup data are retained.  Additionally, we maintain a second MySQL server that is located off-campus and replicated in real time to protect against hardware failure.

If you need additional backup capacity, you can run your own MySQL dumps from a cron job on an interactive server and dump the results to a projects disk.