BSOE in Santa Clara

Getting Help

IT help is provided by ITS, please email  You can also reference the SOE facilities help page here:

Print Server

First, activate your ADCRM user account using CruzID Blue:

The print servers name is \\  (Windows menu, just put \\ in the search)

If you have a personal computer on the wired network just put in \\ , then log in using ADCRM\cruzid and your CruzID Blue password.

If you have a Mac, click on System Preferences, select Print & Fax,  click the plus sign to add a printer, select the ip tab,use LPD, address is, Queue name is one of: dellbw,hpcolor

File Shares

Windows: Click the Windows menu, in the search bar put in \\

Mac: From the Finder, click the "go" menu, "connect to server" and enter smb://

Please remember to alway save your work to the network drives, as those are backed up nightly.

Wireless Access

We recommend using eduroam at Bowers Bldg (or anywhere on campus).  See here for set up: