BSOE Printing On Windows

These instructions are for Windows computers that are joined to the BSOE domain. The easiest way to know if your desktop is joined to the BSOE domain is that you use your BSOE login name and password to log in.

If your Windows computer is not joined to the BSOE domain, then you should use a different set of instructions.

Windows computers that are joined to the BSOE domain should automatically have all printers pre-configured on them.  If you find that printers are missing from your computer, please e-mail to open a support ticket.

Please Note 

  1. Printing large PDF files sometimes fails for various technical reasons. When this happens, you can check the "Print As Image" checkbox. That option should correct printing errors for most PDF files.
  2. Be sure that you're connected to a wired connection to the campus network port.
  3. To print to BSOE printers, you need to use your BSOE login name and password. If you are having trouble printing, the first troubleshooting step is to go through the BSOE password change procedure. You can re-use the same password. Going through the process again ensures that all BSOE systems are in sync. When asked for authentication, enter "BSOE\[login name]", and your BSOE password.