Wireless Network

Wireless devices at the BSOE can be connected to the EDUROAM wireless network. The EDUROAM wireless network provides campus-wide coverage as well as access to WiFi at other EDUROAM-participating institutions.

If you have users who do not have CruzIDs and who do not belong to a participating EDUROAM institution, you can create a BSOE guest account and then connect your user to the SOE-WPA wireless network. The SOE-WPA wireless network is hidden, meaning that it does not broadcast its SSID, to encourage UCSC users to migrate to the EDUROAM network. In order to connect to the SOE-WPA wireless network, you will have to configure your device to connect to the SOE-WPA SSID even when the network does not appear to be present. For assistance in configuring devices this way, please bring your device to any of the BSOE IT staff on the third floor of Baskin Engineering during normal business hours.