BE250 Server Hosting

The following limitations exist:

  1. Any faculty with more than 10u of servers must run a temperature shut down script
  2. If the primary use of the box is not for SOE, it is in the pool of boxes that will be the first to be bumped when space is needed.
  3. If it is for general SOE use, there needs to be a process for how people get access (if standard SOE login is not sufficient)
  4. More than 5 heat alerts or average temp above 78 degrees will trigger a CIC review over currently allocated space.
  5. An individual faculty can get 6u of servers added per year without CIC approval
  6. A total limit per faculty will be limited to 12u without CIC approval
  7. Allocations beyond those amounts can be approved or rejected by CIC
  8. Machines are granted 3 year "leases", after 3 years they are reviewed annually to make space for newer computers.
  9. CIC will perform an annual review of server room space at the beginning of the Academic Fall Quarter.