Terms of Use

Completion of a degree from the Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California at Santa Cruz is mandatory in order to be eligible for a BSOE alumni account. This will be verified prior to account creation.

All use of BSOE computer systems is subject to applicable law. The California Computer Crime Bill section (502) of the Penal code makes it a felony to intentionally access any computer system or network for the purpose of (1) devising or executing any scheme or artifice to defraud or extort or (2) obtain money, property, or services with false or fraudulent intent, representations or promises. It is also a felony to maliciously access, alter, delete, damage, or destroy any computer system, computer network, computer program, or data. Penalties include fines up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment in the state prison for up to three years or in the county jail for up to one year.

Accounts on the alumni system(s) are provided as a courtesy by the BSOE boards of studies. No commercial activities are allowed. They are intended for use only by the party to whom they are issued. Any other use will be considered improper and may be subject to disciplinary action. All access to the campus network, and those regional and national networks the campus is connected to, will comply with the campus IT Policies and Guidelines. Access to these accounts and passwords associated with them are considered confidential and should be handled as such.

Your alumni account serves as a contact point for you, particularly for potential employers and other professional interests. You are encouraged to have a user name that is professional looking, easy to remember, and bears some connection to you. Furthermore, real names are required for system information.

Accessing your alumni account constitutes your understanding of and your compliance with the above statement and existing campus network and computing resource policies.