Connecting to SOE-WPA

To set up a connection to the SOE-WPA wireless network in windows, select an operating system below. Note that you must reset your Wireless BSOE password if you have not done so since August of 2009. Resetting your password will give your account access to the SOE-WPA network.

Other operating systems are not supported, but will probably work. If you are using an operating system not listed here, then you can use this information to connect to SOE-WPA:

  • Encryption Type: WPA (also known as "WPA Enterprise")
  • Encryption Protocol: TKIP
  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication: None
  • You will probably have to tell your OS that you do not want to validate the server certificate.

Please Note: Some devices require you to install the wireless server certificates. If that is the case, you will need to install both the BSOE certificate and also the GoDaddy signing certificate. These certificates are provided here for those who have the knowledge and need to install them without any warranty or support. Most people will not need to use these certificate files, and should therefore disregard them. The BSOE techstaff cannot support any wireless devices that may need to have these certificates installed.

Please Note: Undergraduates and guests do not get access to the wireless network by default. You need to have your faculty advisor open an IT Request ticket and specifically ask to be added to the BSOE wireless network.