Drupal Class for BSOE Staff and Faculty

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I will be holding a Drupal Content Editing class on Thursday, October 29th from 10AM until 12PM. There are only 10 spaces available in this class, so please register early if you want to attend! The class will consist of about an hour of instruction, followed by an hour of Q&A and how-to demonstrations.

Please be sure to bring a laptop to the class so that you can follow along, and be sure that your laptop can connect to EDUROAM as there will not be enough wired network ports in the room for everyone. If you can't bring a laptop, or can't connect to EDUROAM, please let me know as soon as possible so we can get you up-and-running before the class starts. Also, please be sure that you can log into https://drupal.soe.ucsc.edu/ using your CruzID Blue password before the class.

If you register to attend this class, but then find out that you can't attend due to some conflicting appointment, please let me know so that I can un-enroll you to allow someone else to take your space.